ReturnHauler - Providing a Better Financial Return

To be able to compare the respective financial performance of a ReturnHauler™ and  a standard  semi, we have taken typical revenues on a ReturnHauler™ hauling 35 700 litres of diesel on the outbound leg, and then hauling 30 tons of general freight on the inbound leg, and compared this to the typical revenue from a 38 000 litre ‘standard’ fuel semi doing 18 000 kilometres per month.

ReturnHauler™ earns less on the outbound (fuel) leg – being a heavier vehicle than the ‘standard ‘semi .   This due to the additional mass of the load deck and the headboards / tailboards.

But ReturnHauler™ is able to generate revenue on the inbound leg whereas the standard semi cannot do this.

Invariably general freight is lower rated than fuel – because of the cheaper trailing equipment required.

But despite the low rating on general freight , ReturnHauler™ will generate in the region of 44  % more revenue than a standard tanker by being able to transport general freight – a better option to running empty.

Kilometres Per leg

Aluminium Semi Tanker Aluminium ReturnHauler Revenue Difference Percentage Improvement in Revenue
Payload 32,000 kg 30,000 kg
Diesel Load 38,000 litres 35,700 litres
Outbound Leg
Kilometres Per Leg 800 800
Trips Per Month 11.25 10.00
Leg Revenue USD  2,900 USD 2,724
Outbound Revenue USD 32,625 USD 27,250 (USD 5,375)
Inbound Leg
Kilometres Per Leg 800 800
Trips Per Month 0 10.00
Leg Revenue USD 0 USD 1,965
Inbound Revenue USD 0 USD 19,650 USD 19,650
Round Trip
Kilometres Per Round rip 1,600 1,600
Trips Per Month 11.25 10.00
Revenue Per Round Trip USD 2,900 USD 4,689
Overall Revenue USD 32,625 USD 46,900 USD 14,275 44%