Food-Grade ReturnHauler Prototype

Food-Grade ReturnHauler Prototype

ReturnHauler having put much of its development efforts into Fuel ReturnHaulers 2009-2014, completed the first Food-Grade unit in October 2015.

The result was a tridem insulated 316 L stainless steel ReturnHauler unit on super singles behind a Freightliner Columbia that was able to payload 30 100 kg.

ReturnHauler is offering ReturnHauler barrels in 316 L stainless steel and also in FRP (fibre reinforced plastic) to suit customers’ requirements.

Both stainless steel and FRP barrels can be insulated if required.

Food-Grade ReturnHauler with Tanks Down for Bulk Hauling

Food-Grade ReturnHauler with Tanks Empty and Raised to Make Space for Return Hauls

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