ReturnHauler Exhibition in the US

ReturnHauler Exhibition in the US

ReturnHauler exhibited at the NTTC (National Tank Truck Carriers) Tank Truck Week in Houston, TX, USA, Nov 11 – 13, 2015

ReturnHauler chose NTTC Tank Truck Week as the way to introduce its tankers systems to the US road tanker market.

The expo was a good way to gauge interest for ReturnHauler in the US.

And was a good way to renew connections made in the US in the 1990’s; and also to make new connections.

ReturnHauler was also looking for distribution channels for its products in North America.

Some of the positive comments from senior industry people at Tank Truck Week :

“Wow this is something new, that we have not seen before”


“We will remember this is the first place we came across this design”


“Carbon efficient and economical. Makes a lot of sense.”


“Very innovative. This is what we have been calling for in the marketplace : more innovation.”


“We are intrigued and will take it up with our management team.”


“We will definitely check the interest for these tankers among our customer network.”


ReturnHauler has taken the scores of responses received at Tank Truck Week, and will be custom-building its first ReturnHauler units for US customers in 2016.

US ReturnHauler Variant Target Capacity (gal) Target Weight (lbs)
Food-Grade Tandem Semi 6 100 13 000
Food-Grade Tandem Semi   (Insulated) 6 000 13 700
Fuel Tandem Semi 7 400 13 200

Peter Bennetto, MD ReturnHauler and Zack Coley, VP Sales, Heil Trailer

ReturnHauler with Freightliner Columbia 6 X 4 on display at NTTC Tank Truck Week

Exhibition Hall at NTTC Tank Truck Week

Peter Bennetto, MD ReturnHauler at NTTC Tank Truck Week

(R to L) : John Bozec, Senior VP Schneider National, Stephen Torres, Safety Director, Schneider National, Peter Bennetto, MD ReturnHauler

New connections made : Ed Mansell, VP Mac Liquid Tank Truck Trailers and Peter Bennetto, MD ReturnHauler

In discussions at Tank Truck Week (L to R) : Randall Swift, President, EnTrans International, Peter Bennetto, MD ReturnHauler, Danny Davis, EnTrans International

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