ReturnHauler Mission

ReturnHauler is a road tanker design and development company obsessed with responsibly developing heavy commercial trailing equipment that is a ‘fusion’ of : bulk liquid road tankers and flatbed trailers.

The mission : to produce vehicles that can profitably and practically transport bulk liquid and general freight.

The end-product needs at all times to comply with tanker design codes in all corners of the globe – thankfully many of these design codes have commonality –  and provide the operator with vehicles that will give at minimum of 15 years of good and fruitful service.

Leonardo Manelli, representing Pizzato Tranporto, Italy, discussing options with Peter Bennetto, MD of ReturnHauler in Cape Town, South Africa

This mission sounds quite simple to achieve.

We thought so too when we started out on this ‘fusion’ mission in 2009.

The quest has taken us to road tanker plants in Finland, USA, Canada, Tanzania, Australia.

ReturnHauler tank manufacture has already been done in two plants in China and three plants in South Africa, to gauge quality and price.

Vehicle assembly has been done in South Africa and Tanzania for those markets.

Despatching ReturnHauler tanks from Lishen Special Vehicle Company, Suizhou, ROC : (L to R) : Yao Wang, Production Line Leader; Bluce Zhou, Export Manager; Hangquin Ye , Production Director.

With a mature product starting to emerge after an intense seven years, and ReturnHauler patents duly granted in 28 countries, the quest is now to build trial vehicles for the US, EU, China, Australia, – where interest is already evident – and where associates have been identified that can discuss product requirements with potential operators for these often largely custom-built vehicles.